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Top Features at a Glance

Presenting key features that enhance your WordPress media handling experience.

Import Media with Ease
Scan and integrate files from your uploads directory into the Media Library with just a few clicks.
Revised Progressive Scanning
Perfect for large volumes, this feature enables unlimited file scanning and importing.
Automated Import Scheduling
Let the plugin autonomously import new files based on your chosen time intervals.
Detailed Import History Logs
Access a complete log of your past imports, including manual and scheduled entries.
Tailor-Made Filtering Tools
Customize filters to precisely locate any file type, or use custom patterns for specific searches.
Plugin Access by Role
Ensure controlled usage by limiting plugin access to designated roles within WordPress.
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Efficient File Scanning and Batch Importing

Specially designed for ease and reliability, our scanning and importing features support unlimited files, batch operations, and a native WordPress feel, making your file management both safe and efficient.

Precise Filters

Our advanced filters allow you to fine-tune your search, overwriting default settings to pinpoint exactly the files you need. Drill down into your media with precision and ease.

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Set and Forget Scheduled Import to Media Library

Configure your imports to run automatically, selecting the frequency and directories. Our scheduler runs in the background, skipping duplicates and providing detailed logs for every action.

The Media Sync Workflow:

Scan, Import, Utilize

Reintegrate all your media files lost in migration or include large FTP uploads in your Media Library, seamlessly and efficiently.

Scan uploads directory

Quick Scan

Pro version scans directories incrementally, eliminating the hassles of memory limits and timeouts in case of a large number of files.

Import to Media Library

Effective Import

Our import process uses WordPress's native methods, ensuring the same results as when uploading directly through the Media Library.

Find imported files in Media Library

Use Anywhere

Imported files blend into the Media Library, becoming instantly available for use across your WordPress website just like any other media.

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